Tara Joy Tchak


Tara Joy Tchak believes design is the soul of communication. This central belief has guided her in both her life and through a continuously evolving career in graphic design, art direction and placemaking.

Gifted with an awareness of the unseen, essential meaning behind all great design, Tara creates work that speaks to the heart as well as the mind. She has been bringing this unique approach to bear for over 15 years in a myriad of industries, including beauty, deluxe residential, automotive, entertainment and hospitality.

Tara’s creative journey began in the cultural and artistic melting pot of Southern California, where her inspiration took root along the sun-cracked sidewalks and alleyways of her native Long Beach. Drawing from her passions—music, art and travel—Tara’s work conveys joy, wonder and a sense of belonging, and resonates on both a large, holistic scale as well as a deeper, personal level.